Fall fishing is probably your favorite time to fish (like it is ours) because most of your lakes, reservoirs and rivers are less crowded, weather is fairly stable, and the fish are absolutely chewing!

Two different types of crankbaits

First, to cover the 1-4 foot cover laden range, nothing beats a Square Bill crankbait. 

To cover the 6-10 foot range, and match the hatch to the small young of the year bait size, the Strike King 3XD is perfect.

Two different types of top waters excel in fall.

A buzzbait, for wood and grass, as well as walk-the-dog spook style version, for open water.

Finally, a spin jig head combined with a soft plastic swimbait and you are pretty much covered.

You will notice that we didn’t include a jig or soft plastic creature in the top six (and we easily could have) but for most of you, fish are so active and prone to roam and chase bait that you just need to cover lots of water and make lots of casts and you will fill the livewell.

Did we miss your favorite and could we have added more….you bet, but day in and day out these 6 lure types will have you covered for any gamefish, on any body of water, anywhere in the US (or for that matter, the world)